What’s Your Edge?

At Jade Stone, we believe that the beauty is in the details, and when it comes to your stone surfaces, the edges matter. Find your edge here; the gateway to a world of design possibilities. Explore the numerous edge profiles and finishes available for your chosen stone, from sleek and modern to classic and ornate. Discover how the right edge can transform your stone surface, adding character, style, and that perfect finishing touch to your project.


J200 is a straight square edge offering a modern and minimalist appeal. This clean and simple edge profile complements contemporary and sleek design themes.


The J202 edge features a half bullnose design, where the top portion of the edge is rounded off. This style offers a smooth and subtle curvature, blending versatility and elegance.


The J204 is known as ¼ Bevel edge, which showcases the beauty and thickness of your countertop with precision. This edge is perfect for those seeking subtle shaping without a rounded edge as it adds an understated style to any countertop.


The J205 edge is a full bullnose profile, where both the top and bottom edges are completely rounded. This edge offers a smooth, continuous curve, ideal for a flowing, cohesive look.


The J206 features a Crescent-shaped edge, a subtly curved profile reminiscent of the classic Bullnose but with a modern twist. Ideal for sleek designs, it enhances any countertop with understated elegance, ensuring timeless appeal.


J209 known as ¾” Bevel, is a bold statement emphasizing clean lines and defined angles. This edge adds a contemporary touch to any kitchen or bathroom, elevating the overall aesthetic effortlessly.


The J250 edge presents an elegant ogee profile, known for its S-shaped curve that combines classic beauty with a touch of sophistication, suitable for traditional and luxurious designs.


J251 is a Double Ogee design, boasting dual curves for heightened elegance. This decorative edge elevates kitchens and bathrooms, particularly complementing natural stone countertops. Though pricier, its luxurious appeal is unmatched for those seeking beauty and functionality.

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